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We cut operational costs, enhance reliability, and extend service life of HVAC components.  By customizing products and service to your unique circumstances, we not only achieve immediate improvement but ensure sustainable results.  At Green Valley Cooling & Heating, we deliver cost savings and energy savings to our customers across Green Valley, Sahuarita & the surrounding communities.

Home Energy Efficiency Audits in Green Valley, Sahuarita & the surrounding communities

For a professional energy audit, look no further than the Green Valley Cooling & Heating team!

While your duct system directly impacts your budget, health of your home, and performance of HVAC equipment, it is frequently overlooked.  Duct leakage has been singled out as a major cause of energy waste in forced air distribution systems.  Although ductwork is typically difficult to access, Green Valley Cooling & Heating specializes in a groundbreaking technology known as Aeroseal.  Through advanced testing procedures, our licensed technicians measure fan flow, the pressure of the forced air, overall efficiency losses, and extent of leakage.  The Aeroseal process reduces leakage by 90%, potentially lowers HVAC energy use by up to 30%, and stands to save the average homeowner up to $1000 annually in energy costs.

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