Is the air in your home impacting your health?

While you might not be able to see contaminants, they greatly impact your health, comfort, productivity, and home furnishings.  If you’ve tightened your thermal envelope to prevent energy waste, the same stale air can be trapped inside, continually circulated, and breathed by occupants.  If you live in an older, leaky house, you may be subjected to dampness, dryness, fumes, or exterior pollution.  The range of issues can be overwhelming and leave you wondering where to start.  When you begin with a call to Green Valley Cooling & Heating, the rest is simple.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis in Green Valley, Sahuarita & the surrounding communities

With environmental testing from Green Valley Cooling & Heating, you’ll be on the way to fresher, cleaner air!

Green Valley Cooling & Heating utilizes the AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis to effectively test the quality of your breathing air.  A detailed diagnostic test graph pinpoints the levels of particle allergens, carbon dioxide, chemical pollutants, carbon monoxide, temperature, and humidity.  Along with accurate information, the report provides recommendations for solving the identified air quality concerns.  As a Daikin Comfort Pro Dealer, Green Valley Cooling & Heating specializes in leading innovations in air quality improvement, including air purifiers, germicidal UV lights, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, HRV and ERV units.  For more information, or to schedule a convenient appointment time, contact Green Valley Cooling & Heating at 520.625.1234.

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